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Working on weddings as a photographer or videographer lets you see a lot of different approaches to how the couples see their wedding day. While some people looking for a posh, black tie event, along with classical music and elegant feel, some might prefer a bit less formal day with a rock band at the dancing part, some couples go even further!

We had pleasure to work as a video team at one Las Vegas themed Party and WE LOVED IT! We met fantastic dancers who performed in between the day celebrations an amazing air dance, fire performance and a carnival feather dance! Everyone was stunned and loved the performances, because who in their deepest dreams never thought about going for a night to Las Vegas?! Watch our trailer below to see what we saw on the wedding day:

Las Vegas Style Celebration!

Make your Wedding Celebrations Unforgetable!

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Original idea for your Wedding Day reception entertainment!

A lot of couples struggle to think what would be the most unique form of entertainment for their guests during their wedding reception. If you are tired of seeing everyones else's photos with singing waiters, bouncy castle and your wedding day is all about Adult Orientated Party, then this might be something for you! Blend it with some adult games, like beer pong or VR gaming and you are ready to party like they do in VEGAS!

Air dancer in a hoop performing at the wedding
Fire dancer on a wedding day performing with real fire
Las Vegas feather dancer performing at the wedding!
Wedding Day celebration fire dancer

Tips for planning a Wedding Entertainment in Big Style

If your wedding is all about the adults parting and you want your guests to never forget your day, the Invasion Angels can provide you with the entertainment in the big style. You will need to check first with your venue if the fire performance would be covered indoors by the wedding insurance, plan it just for the outside or choose from many more options they have on offer. We met with Lauren and Olivia on the day, but we are sure they can better introduce you to their team and show you what performances will be better for your style.

What blended in well on the day along with the dance performances was a station with beer pong, few VR set games where adults could battle against each other or team up to survive zombie apocalypse and a poker table, where you could use "wedding favour money" to face the other guests and at the end of the night whoever got most money won a trophy of a "Best Wedding Gamer Guest". AH! and there was a "punch" fountain where you could refill your cup with a fancy mixture of booze and a soft drink :)

Turning your day into your dream party is way closer than you think! You don't have to go abroad to feel like in Vegas!

Ruby Lemon - Worldwide Events & Entertainment

To find out where you can book these amazing dancers and what other services you might like to make your wedding special and unique, simply look at their wedding entertainment website here:

Ruby Lemon dancer with the fire as an example of unique wedding entertainment