Micro wedding or small wedding?

We love it!

Over the years of shooting weddings, we noticed more and more couples are choosing small intimate weddings and it actually started to feel more and more special to us. The intimate atmosphere of small weddings, the connection between the couple and the small group of loved people in their lives create powerful and unique story that you can feel through the gallery, no matter if it is photography or videography you are looking for. We specialise in London micro weddings, as we live here for years and can help you get the best out of London :) Whatever the reason is for our couples that they decided to downsize, have a micro-wedding or their original wedding plans were affected by Covid, we developed a special love for those very important moments and uniqueness of the feel of every small, intimate, micro wedding we had a pleasure to be part of. As we decided that we want to get married in a very intimate, micro wedding too, here are some tips that might be useful if you still debating or already planning a small or micro wedding.

What is a Micro Wedding?

Micro weddings, or as we might refer to it - intimate weddings or mini weddings, are are more and more popular trend in which couples choose to have a small-scale wedding celebration with a limited number of guests. Not like the traditional weddings, micro weddings typically have less than 20 guests, sometimes they can be as little as just a couple and two witnesses! We chosen a registry office for our wedding that allows only 6 guests along with a couple and we just love the idea of how intimate and special it will feel to those who will accompany us in our Big Celebration of our relationship :) Having a micro wedding in London is what we call a "dream opportunity" for amazing couple photos and to show the true focus and love through the lens of the camera.

Perks of the micro wedding:

micro wedding photography london small wedding

I. It's all about you.

Having an intimate wedding makes it easy to highlight the love for each other and save you stress about what others might think. Planning a big wedding might be a long and stressful process, where often a lot of couples lose the point of why they decided to get married in the first place. Remember! It is ALL ABOUT YOU AND YOUR LOVE! Small celebrations are great way of keeping the focus on what is important - just the two of you!

II. Spend your money smart.

Very often couples look at the money they have to spend on a wedding and cut down the celebration due to the cost, and yes, micro weddings can save you money. Although not everyone is looking only at cutting costs while getting married in intimate micro wedding celebration. Spend your money SMART! You can actually spend the "saved money" on something that matter to both of you. Think about it for a second... Would you rather spend your money on a dream dress, a stunning and unique venue with the people that matter the most to you, have amazing honeymoon for two of you and an epic photoshoot in a place that matters to you both or would you rather try to squeeze and pay for a 100s of people you never met in your life, because it is someone's else-cousin-sister-daughter and they would be upset if you have not invite them? Forget about what other people think, I think the choice here is simple :)

III. Create your own traditions!

It is overwhelming trying to fit all the traditions that people followed by centuries. What is right? What is wrong? What time is it "usual" to get married? With a small and micro wedding you have an open doors of opportunities to create your own rules, traditions and create a beautiful memory of the best day in your life in style, that matches your personality! Get ready together and do a first, intimate look at each other that will stay in your mind forever. Get married in a place that is close to your heart, but would never fit 100s of people. Don't limit yourself on what is right or wrong, it is your life, your love and your memories, you do you and have your love for each other as a centre of attention, forget the dramas and just enjoy!

Micro Wedding Photography in London examples:

micro wedding photography london Wandsworth Town Hall

Wandsworth Town Hall

micro wedding photography london Wandsworth Town Hall registry office

London is full of registry offices that are perfect fit for the micro weddings. Find a perfect match!

micro wedding photography london Registry office Wandsworth registry
micro wedding photography london Wandsworth wedding photographer
micro wedding photography london Marylebone Old Town Hall Registry office

Elegance & Style

micro wedding photography london Old Marylebone Town Hall

London Micro Wedding

old marylebone town hall
micro wedding photography london Old Marylebone Town Hall Registry civil marriage

Small Wedding Photos

in a famous hall where where 1000s said "i do"
Camden Wedding
micro wedding photography london civil partnership in camden

Tavistock House Registry Office

micro wedding photography london civil partnership photography Tavistock House

Every love story is different. Every love story is worth telling. Every love photo is worth more than a thousand words.

micro wedding photography london Tavistock House registry office wedding civil partnership ceremony
micro wedding photography london civil partnership ceremony hall wedding

Get the most out of your small or micro wedding photography!

micro wedding photography london

Wake up and get ready together!

This is a morning that you were both looking forward to for often a long time. Embrace the feeling of intimacy and be close to one another, feeling relaxed and not stressed about what the other half is doing at the moment of if you have all the items you needed. Separating night before the wedding is a nice tradition, but also just and old tradition. Do what feels right for you! Waking up next to each other on the most important day of your life can be reassuring and a perfect memory for both of you.

micro wedding photography london small wedding photography

Do a "First look"

Even if you got ready in same place, you can still do a proper "first look reveal" when you both completely dressed and in full glory. This is a very personal and intimate moment, that is worth living for. Invite your photographer to capture it, remember - what is in your heart will stay forever, but having this intimate moment captured for you can be a wonderful gift that you can come back as often as you like in years to come.

micro wedding photography london Old Marylebone Town Hall

Pick a photoshoot spot that is important to you.

Normally at the traditional wedding you need to go with what is available to you on the day for your couple photos. The day is packed with things to do and often couple photos are limited to 20 min, which can feel a little bit rushed as a moment. With micro weddings you have the comfort of having all time and all locations you wish to travel to, to choose from. Pick a spot that is close to your heart or go exploring near place you getting married, have a nice cup of coffee together, have a moment just to yourself and also - a perfect photo opportunity!

micro wedding photography london st Paul Cathedral

Make it memorable!

With no itinerary to follow, no place to rush to, not a million guests to greet, you have the time to cherish and to fully live the nostalgia of the day. Embrace it, take every minute in your heart and be happy! Make it as memorable as you always wanted it to be, have fun on a photoshoot, enjoy a day out together and just make sure your day is living to your expectations. Choosing a micro wedding photographer, that knows what is important to you will help you create memories that will last forever!