Marylebone Town Hall Wedding Photography in London

There is a certain charm when it comes to Micro Weddings, the intimacy, the personal touches. One of the examples how personal it can get is the brides wedding shoes that Monica was wearing, so unique and stylish, absolutely stunning and represent the modern approach to city weddings perfectly. Also the limited amount of guests that the couple invited also shows that they wanted to focus more on their love story and have as much privacy as possible. This gave us plenty of time to take the couple and do an intimate portrait session behind the wedding venue, where you get a nice street view away from the cars.

By choosing Marylebone Town Hall as a wedding venue, Monica and Rory were blessed to climb up the iconic steps that seen countless couples declare their love for one another. Marylebone Town Hall added historic elegance to the contemporary wedding that we were absolutely been favoured to capture. With every corner Marylebone Town Hall offers London photographer like myself fresh perspectives and unique frames within its walls. With just a few friends and family members Monica and Rory focused on their vows in one of the Town Halls rooms, where we've been able to capture some incredible candid photos of the couple. After the intimate ceremony we took advantage of the grand stairs that Marylebone Town Hall is famous for, this was the moment for confetti, the classic wedding tradition that even modern wedding couples are not ignoring.

As London Photographers, capturing authenticity of the micro weddings as Monica and Rory's at the Marylebone Town Hall is a reward in itself, reminding us of the true heart of the wedding photography. This wedding represents everything that we love about London weddings, as we shoot a lot of Micro weddings, city elopements, small intimate wedding ceremonies and city afterparties.

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